4 January 2012
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Intellocorp partners with Danish Ship-owner

Intellocorp LLC a Maritime Technology Company focused on business and process optimization in the Maritime industry is launching IntelloShip and SeaPlan in January 2012, together with its partner a Danish ship owner.

IntelloShip and SeaPlan together give a better overview of the daily operations and provide executive teams with a tool for monitoring the actual performance of the company and to make value-added decisions additionally, both management solutions come as Software as a Service (SaaS) or as an On-Premise-Software solution. SaaS solutions provide cost savings and also require no installation.

Through the partnership with Sea-Flex, Intellocorp will gain many benefits including, onboard testing of the software, clear off bugs before entering into the marketplace, and also gain global exposure by having a partner overseas and multiple business opportunities within the maritime industry, especially with the cruise lines companies that are headquartered in South Florida.

The launch of these two new software solutions will close many of the major issues in the maritime industry, including:


-Helps the ship owner when it comes to follow up on compliance whether it is legal or internal compliance


-Keeping track of certificates


-Stock inventory



-Gives the Executive a picture of the whole company’s controlling, whether it is financial or technical

-Enables the ship owner to effectively analyze data and improve decision making

-Increased transparency throughout the organization that gives a

-Consistency of operational standards

-Fosters collaboration throughout the organization

-Drill down capability

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