Fuel Optimization and Business Control Cloud-Software

Do you have real time visibility to your many Performance KPI’s?
Do you have data instantly available to enable you to optimize performance and lower your cost?

With IntelloShip Cloud-Software you can now simplify how you run your business

300+ KPIs all at your finger tips with easy to use IntelloShip Dashboard Software
• more than 600 PI’s
• covering 10 different performance indexes
• navigational, security and human resources
• Delivered in the amazing secure easy to use IntelloShip software

Revolutionary software with more than 300 Kpi’s and more than 600 PI’s, covering 10 different delivered in a secure Software as a Service application.
Performance indexes including environmental, safety, technical(engine, fuel, man hours etc.), navigational, security, hospitality, vendor, sales and human resources

By using IntelloShip, your organization is enabled to make informed business decisions and achieve competitive advantages. The ultimate objective of IntelloShip is to improve the timeliness and quality of information available to your Company. As a result, IntelloShip can improve the overall performance
of your company by allowing you to quickly respond to the information and adapt your operations to changes by the minute.

IntelloShip Core Advantages

  • Enables you to effectively analyze and improve decision making on issues such as environmental, safety, technical (engine, fuel, man hours etc.), navigational, security, human resources, hospitality, vendors and sales
  • Increased transparency in ship operational performance with Real Time visibility
  • Enhances opportunities for effective decision making of important operational performance issues in shipping
  • Focuses on efficient quality improvement processes
  • Establishes a basis for consistency of operational standards
  • Provides a more efficient use of resources for audit, inspections, and operational follow-up
  • Enables benchmarking and forecasting for your planning cycles
  • Fosters collaboration throughout the organization
  • Integrates with existing software, for example: Amos-D, NAPA, Imos, NS-5, etc.
  • Is delivered in a Secure and Easy to use Software as a Service model. No new software to install and maintain. Full visibility to cost of the ownership.

    Best Practice

    Benchmark yourself toward Best Practice: One of ShipStrumentTMs key objectives is to not only compare your actuals to targets but also providing a benchmark to best practice in the industry. The KPIs that shows the largest potential by introducing best practice could be quick wins and help the organization improve immediately.

    Benefits using IntelloShip:

  • Gain more control by defining targets and focus
  • Quantify goals and identify accountability
  • Prioritize improvement opportunities
  • Create a sense of competitiveness and desire to improve
  • Align organization
  • Performance overview of the whole fleet or a specific vessel
  • Quick navigation to the non-performing areas

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