Intellocorp offers a variety of Cloud-Software solutions providing your company with total performance overview and transparency, contributing to fuel savings and better control.

Fully Integrated

With our advanced API, we can integrate with almost any software, such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, NAPA, NS5, AMOS and IMOS but not limited to these as we continuously develop new tools.

Excel Uploader

By emailing your excel spreadsheets to a designated email address, IntelloShip is capable of extracting the data and upload it into the Dashboard.

Manual Entry

This way the user sign into the actual application and enters in the data directly into IntelloShip, this entry method takes only few efforts to set-up.

      • Management of hybrid world of disparate systems in real-time.

      • KPI’s at your fingertips to increase your decision making speed and value creation

      • All employees on the same page. No more silos or complexity in getting data to act

      • Run in secure SaaS software with low cost for ownership
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Obtain Overview

SeaPlan is a unified platform, facilitating the management
with a comprehensive overview and connects all
management areas on one platform.

The system includes a wide range of facilities:

• Planned maintenance system
• International safety management system
• Certificates
• Purchase
• Stock

Obtain transparency

• SeaPlan provides you access to all status metrics, identifying the real-time status of each area.

• This transparency within the administration enables a considerable access to details and encourages due diligence of all departments.

• The option of including selected information for valuable customers is also available.

• Direct access to information allows continuing improvements within your own organization or department.

• Easy integration with IntelloShip

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