SeaPlan Management System

Feel and look as MS Outlook
Exchange of data between ship and office 4 times a day.
Planned Maintenance System
Stock and Purchase
Certificate Management
ISM Manual
Alerts Office if items are overdue

To meet the ever increasing demands for better control of the daily operations ie. maintenance systems, stock and purchase systems, documents etc. We have by means of electronical systems developed the administrative tools needed for optomizing the daily operation and management.

The administative requirements onboard a modern vessel of today compared with the crew available onboard the vessels does not always correspond. It has therefore been one of our priorities to provide these facilitaties which makes it possible for the crew to fulfil the normal tasks at a minimum time without compromising safety etc.

Our systems of today includes:

1. PMS based on access.

2. Stock & Purchase system based on access.

3. Vetting management web based.

4. ISM/ISPS based on word HTML versions.

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