Training is important for optimal use of Intelloship and SeaPlan

The primary objective of the IntelloShip training course is to empower each trainee with the ability to plan for, design and build dynamic, information-rich dashboards using the IntelloShip application. The course is offered on request at our headquarters and offers a chance to learn from our instructors in a HANDS-ON, interactive environment. Trainees will gain an understanding of the IntelloShip technologies, interfaces, features and chart library while also gaining an understanding of the dashboard design process.

Who Should Attend

Business Analysts responsible for performance management and reporting.
Department Managers interested in learning how to create high-impact, information-rich dashboards based on their departmental data.
Data Analysts/DBAs who would like to understand the data requirements of IntelloShip, as well as how the business side of the organization will use the tool.
OEM/VAR/Consulting Partners looking to gain the necessary IntelloShip knowledge so that they may successfully deploy dashboards, train users and support customers.
Anyone interested in becoming proficient at designing and building dashboards within the IntelloShip environment.
Course Objectives

After completing this course, the trainee will be able to:

Demonstrate an overall understanding of the IntelloShip interfaces, features and chart library.
Build feature rich dashboards driven by dynamic data from live data sources.
Storyboard coherent dashboards utilizing combinations of charts, features, pivots and drilldowns.
Translate storyboard requirements into data requirements.
Set up and use static and dynamic data sources for dashboards. Data sources include relational databases (MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, etc.) and MS Excel.
Design and build logical drilldown paths to navigate large amounts of data.
Administer IntelloShip users, groups, categories, data sources and system settings.
Design and implement a complex user permission structure, granting unique user roles and group rights.

Cost & Registration

Please contact Intellocorp Sales for pricing and registration information.

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