Imagine going into battle without first checking your weapons.  The dashboard is a vital management tool needed to face your competitors head on in the battle for best performance. That’s why smart business leaders have an Executive Dashboard wherever they work, whenever they want.

Use your Dashboard with a browser 24/7.

Always Available, Always Current

IntelloShip™ is the solution that empowers your employees to maximize their efficiency. As they work, IntelloShip™ updates operating data, the General Ledger as well as financial balance thereby tuning you to high performance. Intellocorp’s IntelloShip™ is totally integrated and it has a secure database, which makes all this possible, online and in our real time SaaS Solution.

The Best News Yet:  Affordable!

The problem before now was affordability. If you have separate point solutions, say tools for CRM, Quoting, Invoicing, Order Tracking, Inventory Management and Accounting, you are most likely paying too much to use all of them together.

Break it down this way:  People have to move data from one point solution to another, which introduces delays and errors.  This data resides in many solutions, which needs tuning, security and virus protection. In many cases some of them are spreadsheets on laptops, they may go on vacation or leave when their owner does.  Delay-delay, risk-risk, cost-cost.  Do you see an Executive Dashboard in this picture?  No way! That’s not cool.

Now think of every user doing work with a browser.  See users instantly sharing data as appropriate. See your data in one secure place, always there and up to date, and managed by secure, completely integrated, modern software.  See your data on your IntelloShip™ Executive Dashboard.

Now do yourself a big favor:
Have a close look at your operations, your time management and the tools at your disposal;
Demand total access and full-featured Executive Dashboard, online and in real time from other vendors, compare fees/charges, and then ask yourself:
Can you afford to not have Intellocorp’s IntelloShip™  Executive Dashboard?

IntelloShip™ SaaS Solution

Intellocorp runs your ERM in its facility on powerful servers behind firewalls, protected with redundant storage, back-up and power connected to fast Internet pipes.  For you, this means no IT burden, no data transfer error, no data lost.

Subscribe per user – that’s SaaS.

Intellocorp will host it for you – that’s SaaS.

Get real time visibility – that’s SaaS.

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